The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

No. 691

Sir: I have the honor to report that the Minister of Foreign Affairs informed me today of the receipt recently by the Dominican Government of an autograph letter from President Hernández Martínez of Salvador, together with pamphlets and other documents purporting to support the legality of recognition of the present Government of Salvador. The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that it was the intention of President Trujillo not to acknowledge the autograph letter of the President of Salvador for the present, since such acknowledgment would constitute recognition of the present Salvadorean Government.

Dr. Henríquez Ureña stated that the Dominican Government does not contemplate recognizing the present Government of Salvador so long as the other Central American Governments, parties to the Central American treaty, and the United States Government do not extend recognition to the Government of General Hernández Martínez.

Respectfully yours,

H. F. Arthur Schoenfeld