The Secretary of State to the Cuban Chargé (Barón)

My Dear Doctor Barón: In reply to your letter dated August 1, I am pleased to inform you, as you have already been advised by telephone, that the Department requested the Department of Justice to take appropriate measures to observe the movements and activities of General Menocal during his stay in the United States. The Department likewise suggested to the Department of Justice the advisability of having an agent of that Department meet General Menocal upon his arrival on the steamship Lafayette and warn him in confidence to abstain from any activities which may violate our so-called neutrality laws, with the provisions of which I believe you are familiar, under penalty of suffering legal consequences. I understand that the [Page 556] Department of Justice telephoned appropriate instructions to its New York office on the afternoon of August 2.

The Department likewise took occasion to remind the Department of Justice of the obligations assumed by the United States under Article 5–c of the Convention between the United States and Cuba to suppress smuggling, signed at Habana on March 11, 1926.24 I assure you that any information reaching the Department indicating that General Menocal is engaged in organizing any armed expedition in this country or in conspiracies against the Cuban Government will be promptly communicated to you as provided under the aforesaid treaty.

With kindest regards, I am, my dear Doctor Barón,

Sincerely yours,

Francis White