818.00/1339: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

20. Practically completed count of election returns indicates that Ricardo Jiménez failed of required majority by about 2,500 votes though there is remote possibility recount may throw out enough fraudulent votes to elect. Otherwise, Congress, called in session March 1st, must decide eligibility of Castro Quesada for special elections of April 3rd and in case negative decision what, if any, candidate may substitute for him against Ricardo Jiménez.

Opinion almost unanimous that regardless of procedure, barring his assassination which many predict and some threaten, Ricardo Jiménez will assume the Presidency May 8th with a Congress which he will dominate since by winning 14 deputies in recent elections he can count on 24 of the 43 which constitute entire membership.

Reliably informed Castro Quesada and Colonel Vargas are concealed in Mexican Legation awaiting funds and favorable opportunity to flee the country. Jorge Volio, third leader, remains for the time being unmolested at his San José home. Order for preventive arrest all three have been issued at the request of relatives of a victim of revolutionary bullets but Government enforcement unlikely unless these leaders circulate publicly.

Except for minor and sporadic disturbances in interior, situation seems entirely dominated through placing partisans of Ricardo Jiménez in control of all military and police.