818.00/1334: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica ( Eberhardt ) to the Secretary of State

17. City subjected to incessant rifle and machine-gun fire during the night and, so far as known, the plan of garrison to sack the city was frustrated. Hundreds of families continue to stream out of the city. Artillery mounted on Post Office building and every preparation made for bombardment at noon if garrison does not surrender earlier. Indications are that the professional revolutionists, imported by [Page 519] Castro Quesada and now apparently headed [by?] Jorge Volio are defying all authority and everything points to stubborn resistance. Werlich has just been sent by commander of the garrison for ambulance and he and I are now proceeding to visit the President to request parley. Entire area within several blocks of the Legation already abandoned and if bombardment becomes inevitable it will be necessary to abandon the Legation.