832.00 Revolutions/286: Telegram

The Consul General at São Paulo (Cameron) to the Secretary of State

I have just been handed by members of the civil and military households of the State Governor a communication, dated July 31st, signed by “Pedro de Toledo, Governor of the State of São Paulo”, asking me to transmit to my Government a request for “the recognition of belligerency between the State of São Paulo and the Dictatorship”. I replied verbally that I could not receive the communication officially but that I would be glad to examine it and request instructions from the Embassy in the premises. The communication is a long one of about 1,300 words setting forth the facts and legal arguments. The facts in the case are already largely known to the Department and to the Embassy. Instruction is requested as to whether I may receive this communication officially and as to the completeness with which the document is to be transmitted by telegraph.