123M82/243: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Mellon)

193. Your 220, July 13, noon. For Ambassador Morgan. I much appreciate your offer to return to your post. While I had not wanted to inconvenience you by asking you to take first vessel back and rely [Page 396] largely on your judgment as to the necessity therefor, I of course feel much more comfortable when you are at Rio in a time like this.

Report received from São Paulo last night stated that reliable information received there was to the effect that movement in Minas Geraes led by Arthur Bernardes has deposed Olegario Maciel and is favorable to São Paulo. Telegram sent this morning says that the deposition of President of Minas Geraes is not confirmed but neither Federal nor Minas Geraes State troops near border had up to 11 o’clock this morning moved against São Paulo. Vanguard of São Paulo troops now at Bianor, State of Rio de Janeiro. Report adds that São Paulo absolutely united and hoping for favorable coup d’état in Rio de Janeiro at any time. Consul São Paulo expresses opinion that if Minas Geraes joins São Paulo its action will be definitive.