832.00 Revolutions/248: Telegram

The Consul General at São Paulo ( Cameron ) to the Secretary of State

Absolute quiet this State; no motive for anxiety in regard to resident Americans or property. All Federal troops this State without exception have joined movement and proceeded to east line, only some dissident officers remaining behind under parole. General Klinger, commander of Federal troops Matto Grosso, arrived in São Paulo yesterday assuming charge this military district.

Newspapers publish telegraphic proposal from Rio Grande do Sul for mediation today, telegraphic refusal of São Paulo to delay operations. Proclamation to nation, signed by Pedro de Toledo, Isidoro Lopes, General Klinger and the chiefs of the Democratic and Republican Parties, declares purpose of movement “to deliver the Federal Government to a junta which within the strictly necessary period for the preparation and action of the Constituent Assembly will return the country to the constitutional regime, and to put in force immediately the Constitution of February 24, 1891, excepting the provisions touching the legislative power and others incompatible with the necessary prerogatives of the supreme power during the transitory conditions under which we are.

The national governing junta will be composed of five members, one each from Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Minas Geraes, Federal Government and the North and they will elect from their number a president”. All America Cables informs cable cut or disconnected at Buenos Aires leaving São Paulo without direct communication with the outside world except through Rio de Janeiro where all messages are stopped or censored.