832.00 Revolutions/243: Telegram

The Consul General at São Paulo (Cameron) to the Secretary of State

São Paulo continuing absolutely quiet. Paulistas claim Dictator has discriminated against this State and that fair deal can be obtained only after reestablishment of constitutional government which is sole aim of present movement. No separation sentiment here; July 11 to 14 declared holidays apparently for purpose legal obligations only since commercial establishments doing business as usual. All Federal and State troops apparently unanimous in favor of movement; enlistment of volunteers and concentration on Rio de Janeiro frontier continues. Federal cavalry regiment from Castro, Paraná reported to have joined São Paulo but attitude of the main body Federal troops in Curitiba and Ponta Grossa doubtful. São Paulo despatching troops to Minas Geraes border indicating apprehension of attack from that quarter. Lack of cooperation from the other States has brought about certain pessimism here. São Paulo has taken over all Federal Government offices and property including Northwestern and Central Railways; mail communication with Rio de Janeiro completely interrupted. Information requested whether my messages of July 10, 11 a.m., and July 11, noon, have been received, also any pertinent instructions as to scope of information desired from this office since it is not known what news is being received from other sources.