832.00 Revolutions/240: Telegram

The Consul General at São Paulo ( Cameron ) to the Secretary of State

Perfect order in the city and State, not a shot having been fired. Object of the movement is solely prompt re-constitutionalization, any idea of separation being vehemently denied. Interventor Pedro de Toledo [Page 391] resigned yesterday having been later proclaimed President of São Paulo by the military forces and the people. It is hoped that Matto Grosso, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul will join São Paulo but advices as yet indefinite. Available troops in São Paulo are 15,000 Força Publica including reserves, 10,000 Federal and 3,000 Federal from Matto Grosso besides shooting clubs and civilians, latter being enlisted actively in this city. São Paulo concentrating troops along the line of the center railway especially at Cruzeiro; rumored that Dictator concentrating at Barra de Pirai. Santos customhouse has been taken over by São Paulo which has also requisitioned 5,000 contos on the Bank of Brazil. It is reported that no ships entering or leaving Santos due to the hostile attitude of the naval forces there.