724.3415/1912: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Feely) to the Secretary of State

46. As Bolivia has repeatedly stated in its replies to the neutral governments, that it has no faith in negotiations and investigations that do not attack the fundamental question, and as the whole country is ready to make the maximum sacrifice in order to terminate at once the dispute with Paraguay even if it must be by force of arms, I would respectively [respectfully] suggest that the time is now opportune for the neutrals to propose to Bolivia and Paraguay that they accept an immediate armistice on the basis of present possessions, and that in the meantime a plan for the settlement of the fundamental question be prepared for later submission to the two Governments.

There exists a national demand for war, but I am convinced that an active action on the part of the neutrals in the sense I have suggested would be accepted by Bolivia.

I informed the Minister for Foreign Affairs this morning that I was making an important suggestion to the neutrals today, which if [Page 51] accepted, might lead to a cessation of hostilities, and asked him to give me the assurance that there would be no further attacks until a reply to this telegram was received. He gave me this assurance at noon today after a conference with the President.