713.1311/148: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (Whitehouse) to the Secretary of State

88. Guatemalan Government received this morning official notification from the Salvadoran Government of their denunciation of the treaty of peace and amity of 1923. No official notice has yet been received of the denunciation by the Costa Rican Government.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs informed me present action of Costa Rica and Salvador would have no effect upon Guatemalan policy which would continue to be strongly in favor of the treaties. This denunciation of the treaties however confirmed his opinion that Costa Rica had been acting merely on behalf of General Martínez, and he was sure that Martínez would take steps as soon as it was possible to change the constitution of Salvador to allow his own election. Skinner Klee also thought that Salvador and Costa Rica [Page 349]would now use all possible influence to induce General Carías to denounce the treaty in order to have the necessary three countries, but he did not believe they would be successful, as the treaty was too useful for Carías.

Repeated to all Central American missions.