713.1311/130: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (Whitehouse) to the Secretary of State

83. The Minister for Foreign Affairs informs me that Pacheco was very frank in his conversation with him and will support Ubico. Pacheco admitted that he was acting in favor of General Martínez, and while he realized his mission to bring about the denunciation of the treaties was doomed to failure, he asked if the Guatemalan Government would not agree to the suppression of articles 2 and 5 of the treaty of peace and amity, which would make possible the recognition and reelection of Martínez.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs said the President and he answered that those were the two important articles and the treaty might as well be denounced as agree to their removal. The President then instructed Skinner Klee to go over the treaties with Pacheco and see if they agreed on any other modifications. Skinner Klee intimated to me that this was done to gain time, as Pacheco on leaving here was proceeding to Salvador and would report to Martínez that the Guatemalan Government was the source of all his troubles.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs aside from being very provoked with Pacheco for putting the Guatemalan Government in this position, seems rather nervous lest Guatemala be isolated and of the possible difficulties that General Martínez may cause her.

Repeated to all Central American Legations.