733.35/17: Telegram

The Minister in Uruguay (Wright) to the Secretary of State

38. My 37, July 14, noon. Department’s 13, July 15, 4 p.m. Minister for Foreign Affairs invited me to Foreign Office this afternoon to give me an account of what had taken place and explain briefly Uruguayan point of view. He requested me to inform my Government that he had done so.

Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed appreciation of our action in taking charge of Uruguayan interests in Buenos Aires and desired to formalize this situation by exchange of notes with me. He proposes to request United States to assume chargé of Uruguayan interests in Buenos Aires by a note dated July 13 and should Department so authorize me I suggest that my reply be dated July 14th, date on which oral reply was made by Ambassador Bliss to oral request.

Minister for Foreign Affairs stated that no country had offered its good offices as yet although Paraguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs had intimated to Uruguayan Minister at Asunción that Paraguay might shortly offer its good offices.

British Legation has taken chargé of Argentine interests here.

Public is entirely calm and saner elements are urging that incident be terminated at earliest possible moment.

Repeated to Buenos Aires.