733.35/14: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Bliss) to the Secretary of State

57. Colombian Minister called today to say that he considered the selection by Argentina of a European country to represent her interests in Uruguay a grave breach against Pan-Americanism and that he had with the approval of his Government addressed informal letters to Argentine and Uruguayan Governments (he is also accredited to Uruguay) expressing regret at breaking off of diplomatic relations and his desire that the matter should be adjusted between them by good offices of American Governments. He expressed his intention of seeking opinions of his other American colleagues and asked if I did not think it of paramount importance to prevent any European country’s being brought into settlement of a political disagreement between American states. I replied that personally I was an ardent advocate of Pan-Americanism but whether the United States would offer good offices in given situation on the American continent either separately or jointly with other Governments was a matter for decision by the Government at Washington.