Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (White)

The Brazilian Ambassador called and stated that he had heard from his Government regarding the possibility of Brazil getting the ABC countries to take some action in the Leticia matter. He said that his Government does not desire to do so or be connected in any ABC movement because the other countries of South America resent any action of the ABC’s, feeling that those countries are the strongest and are perhaps trying to dominate them on that account.

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I told the Ambassador that the action need not be limited to the ABC countries—that there was no reason why Brazil should not call together all the other South American countries to take some action in the matter. He said that his Government definitely would not take any initiative in the matter. His Government will join and has authorized him to join in sending a telegram to Peru and Colombia but Brazil will not take the initiative.

The Ambassador said another possibility would be for the Latin American diplomatic corps here in Washington to get together and take some action and invite the United States to join them. He said that Washington was the only place where this could be done because it was the only place where all the countries are represented. I asked him if he was going to suggest that action to his colleagues and he again said no; that he was instructed to take no initiative whatsoever but he is authorized to join in if others take the initiative.

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