724.8415/2683 8/11

Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (White)

Mr. Espil came in and discussed the Chaco situation12 and asked that some action be taken on the Saavedra pact as Argentina had supported the recent neutral proposal. I said that as I had told him [Page 269] earlier, if Argentina plays the game and supports this project all the way through so that we get a settlement, we will then discuss with him ways in which the pact could be modified in order to make it worthwhile signing. Espil wanted some action right away and I told him that that would be impossible …

Espil told me that he did not think that Soler13 would withdraw. He said it was his opinion that Soler thought our proposal a pretty good one and a fair one. I told him that when I had been discussing the matter with Soler, before definitely making the proposal, I had asked him if he did not think it fair, and that Soler had replied that he could not say that it was not a fair proposal but he thought that his Government would be very reluctant to accept any policing of the territory south of the line by Bolivia.…

F[rancis] W[hite]
  1. See pp. 8 ff.
  2. Dr. Juan José Soler, Paraguayan delegate to the Bolivian–Paraguayan conference for the negotiation of a non-aggression pact; see telegram dated December 20, from the Commission of Neutrals to the Paraguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs, p. 132.