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Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (White)

The Argentine Ambassador, Mr. Espil, called and showed me a cable from his Government which said that in view of the fact that Mr. Culbertson in Santiago had found out about the proposed Argentine pact along the lines of the Kellogg Pact and the Locarno Treaty4 the Minister of Foreign Affairs was sending Espil by air-mail [Page 261] copies of this document to submit to the Department. Their plan had been to take it up with the four neighboring countries first and, after getting their agreement, then to submit it to the Department, but in view of this fact they were sending it up now.

F[rancis] W[hite]
  1. For texts of the agreements signed at Locarno, October 16, 1925, see League of Nations Treaty Series, vol. liv, pp. 289 ff.