724.3415/2482: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

33. Your 28, November 2, 5 p.m. I made inquiry as to when Council committee on Chaco question would sit. Drummond told me that he was having real difficulty in preventing the committee from calling a session and taking action on its own but he believes he can prevent committee from meeting until Monday or Tuesday next.29

Drummond stated further that the members of the committee pointed out that the Chairman of the Commission of Neutrals had stated in his first communication to the President of the Council that the Commission of Neutrals would communicate with Council committee from time to time and keep it informed. Committee is now aware of the fact that a meeting of the Neutrals was recently held in Washington but has no information regarding its result.

In the strictest confidence I told Drummond some of the difficulties we are encountering in having this information sent. He replied in the strictest confidence that the Argentine Minister here had spoken to him as to the possibility of presenting a plan of [on] which the [Page 244] League might act, that Drummond had replied that of course if the Argentines presented a plan, the League under the Covenant would have to consider it but that he hoped it would not be presented in view of the efforts of the Commission of Neutrals which seemed to be progressing favorably.

I feel that we must do what we can to help Drummond in this connection and that full and continuous communication from the Chairman of the Neutrals to the Chairman of the Council is the only hope of stemming off action by the Council.

You will understand that a message communicated from me to Drummond is communicated unofficially unless I am instructed to the contrary and although he can convey this information unofficially it does not have the same effect as a formal communication by the Committee of Neutrals to the President of the Council which can be circulated generally and on which the Council can take official action.

  1. November 7 or 8.