724.3415/2378: Telegram

The President of the Council of the League of Nations (De Valera) to the Chairman of the Commission of Neutrals (White)

Committee of Council thanks you for prompt, courteous reply and for promise keep it informed further developments this matter and give full consideration any suggestions which it may make. For moment point which particularly preoccupies Council is fact that armed forces two countries are close contact one another and that however pacific intentions of Governments may be this situation inevitably leads to risk incidents serious nature and prejudice peaceful solution we hope to secure. When similar though less acute situation arose December 1928, Council in telegram both Governments observed that in its experience it is most important confine all military measures to those which could not involve danger their armed forces [Page 239] coming into contact.20 It would therefore appear particularly desirable that without prejudicing any way final solution dispute two Governments should withdraw forces such distance from one another as would do away with existing risk. Experience of Council would indicate that most effective method bringing about this result would be despatch commission military officers chosen with view enabling them proceed spot quickliest possible who would, acting in harmony with military commanders in field both sides, report on measures taken reduce danger local fighting. Council committee would welcome any further information which you able forward them on progress your efforts for securing acceptance of a basis for final arbitration of conflict.

De Valera
  1. See telegram No. 119, December 11, 1928, 7 p.m., from the Minister in Switzerland, Foreign Relations, 1928, vol. i, p. 686.