724.3415/2335: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Chairman of the American Delegation to the General Disarmament Conference (Gibson)

5. For Wilson. Neutrals on 22nd proposed to Bolivia and Paraguay14 immediate cessation of hostilities without conditions and submission of matter to arbitration without reservations. Bolivia has accepted immediate cessation of hostilities but has not yet answered on arbitration. Paraguay has accepted arbitration and immediate cessation of hostilities but on condition that troops of both countries are withdrawn. Both countries have accepted the sending of neutral delegation which will supervise the maintenance of peace.

Neutrals today pointed out to Paraguay that question of withdrawal of troops is a matter which the Neutral Commission can take up as soon as hostilities are terminated and is endeavoring in view thereof to have Paraguay accept proposal of 22nd. Neutrals are trying to have Bolivia accept on point of arbitration.

  1. See p. 93.