724.3415/1835a: Telegram

The Commission of Neutrals to the Paraguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs (Arbo)


The representatives of the five neutral countries have read carefully the important message from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Paraguay of the 16th of the present month.25

They regret that Paraguay believes herself unable to assent to the request that she do not withdraw her delegates from the Conference of Washington, considering that the incident of June 15th prevents her from continuing to treat with Bolivia unless this country previously give a satisfactory explanation of the act.

In order to settle the incident the neutral representatives require time to obtain the indispensable information, and this would be impossible if Paraguay should close the door now by withdrawing her delegates without waiting.

After their message of the 11th, the neutral representatives requested greater details than those already presented to the Bolivian Delegation, and they have the satisfaction to inform the Government of Paraguay that the Delegates of Bolivia have emphatically stated to the Chairman of the Commission of Neutrals, that they have already requested, and await, new and complete information regarding the incidents of the 15th and 29th of June and all that relates to the settlement of these incidents, to be placed in the hands of the neutrals.

These statements are a basis of explanation and honorable solution, which the neutrals submit for the consideration of the Government of Paraguay. Basing its opinion on the new plane of the question and on the noble statement of Paraguay that she is disposed to listen to and study new proposals of the neutrals, they politely suggest that Paraguay do not withdraw her Delegates from the United States, in order to see if within a reasonable period the aforesaid incidents may be settled; the negotiations now very much advanced be resumed; the conclusion of a pact reached which shall honor and serve equally [Page 33] Paraguay and Bolivia, which the Continent awaits with the most friendly and brotherly spirit.

As the Delegates of Paraguay leave tomorrow from Washington for New York and will embark on Saturday, the Government of Paraguay is earnestly requested to give them instructions not to absent themselves from the United States, while the neutral representatives try for a satisfactory settlement.

Henry L. Stimson

Secretary of State of the United States
Fabio Lozano T.

Minister of Colombia
José Richling

Chargé Affaires of Uruguay
José T. Barón

Chargé d’Affaires of Cuba
P. Herrera de Huerta

Chargé d’Affaires of Mexico
  1. Translation supplied by the editors.
  2. See telegram No. 53, July 16, 1 p.m., from the Minister in Paraguay, supra.