724.3415/1894: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (Dearing) to the Secretary of State

111. Department’s telegram No. 35, July 26, 5 p.m. Peruvian national holidays have prevented an earlier reply. Foreign Minister informs me in a note dated the 28th, just received, that the Government has given serious consideration to the Department’s suggestion, that Peru has been active from the first to secure with the countries bordering Bolivia an agreement providing for joint action and such cooperation with the Commission of Neutrals as would avoid the outbreak of war and provide for the continuation of negotiations between Bolivia and Paraguay; that Peru’s action has had the support of Chile from the beginning; and that he believes it can be taken as settled that Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile have reached an agreement which should be signed in Buenos Aires at any moment providing, regardless of the origin of the conflict and responsibility for its incidents.

That an invitation shall be sent to Bolivia and Paraguay to make a supreme effort, halt all military mobilization and avoid war.
That an offer of good offices shall be made to both countries for the reception and transmission of any suggestion or proposals tending towards a conciliatory solution.
That the participants in the agreement shall offer their adhesion and collaboration to the Commission of Neutrals in Washington whose great efforts and hereinbefore proposals are fully recognized.

The Foreign Minister adds he believes this agreement will be in full accord with the Department’s views and suggestions. Full text by airmail.