724.3415/1828 3/7

Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (White)

I telephoned Ambassador Bliss in Buenos Aires and told him of my conversation of the day before with Mr. Espil, as set forth in my memorandum of that date, and asked him if he would discuss the [Page 150] matter with the Minister of Foreign Affairs to see whether he would authorize Mr. Espil to make the suggestion to all the nations of the continent for a collective telegram to Bolivia and Paraguay to the effect that any conquest by them would not be recognized.

Mr. Bliss said that he had been called to the Foreign Office; that he was going there immediately after our conversation, and that he would take the matter up and call me back after the meeting was over.

Mr. Bliss called me back later in the afternoon to say that he had a talk with the Minister of Foreign Affairs; that the latter had received Espil’s telegram of the day before, and that the Government thought that the matter was covered in the instructions it was sending to Espil regarding a joint manifestation to be made by the Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean and Peruvian Governments. Mr. Bliss read me the statement over the telephone and said that the Spanish text was being cabled to Mr. Espil who would give it to me the next day, and that Chile and Peru had already agreed to join in the manifesto but that Brazil so far had not done so.

F[rancis] W[hite]