724.3415/1877a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Dearing) 13

35. Department advised that Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile yesterday invited Argentine and Brazilian Ambassadors and Peruvian Chargé to exchange ideas with him regarding the Chaco situation and measures to be taken to prevent war.

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Department advised that Brazilian Ambassador in Buenos Aires took this matter up previously with Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs for joint action between those two Governments and that Argentina replied that it felt that most effective action at present is to support the Neutral Commission in Washington and to urge the two Governments to remain in Washington and to try to arrive at a settlement here.

The Department and neutral representatives will welcome any recommendations in this sense which may be made by the neighboring countries to the Paraguayan and Bolivian Governments.

  1. The same, on the same date, to the diplomatic representatives in Argentina (No. 47) and in Brazil (No. 52).