724.3415/1705a: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in Certain American Republics 94

The neutrals had a meeting at 11 o’clock this morning and invited the Ambassadors of the countries neighboring on Bolivia and Paraguay to be present. This was done on account of the great interest [Page 137] which they have shown in the matter and substantially at the request of one of them. The situation, both as regards the negotiation of a pact of non-aggression and the military situation was explained to them and they were given copies of the statement which Mr. White made on Monday to the Bolivians and Paraguayans on behalf of the neutral commission. This statement reads in translation as follows:

“The representatives of the five neutral governments have met and examined the actual state of relations between Paraguay and Bolivia and have agreed to signify to the representatives of the two countries the great preoccupation which they have on account of military preparations which are being carried out in the Chaco zone which, in their opinion, although being defensive, may provoke incidents even more grave than those which were deplored when all America, in agreement, offered its friendly services to seek a pacific solution.

At this time, any action of the nature which various information—all in agreement—regarding bellicose preparations, attributes to the two countries, is considered grave by the neutrals and little in harmony with the labor of peace which is being carried out.

The neutrals ask the representatives of Paraguay and Bolivia to transmit its cordial manifestation to their respective governments.”95

All four Ambassadors agreed that they would cable their Governments regarding the situation and ask that their Governments indicate either through them and the neutral commission in Washington to the representatives of Bolivia and Paraguay their agreement with the démarche made on Monday, or else that their Governments directly in La Paz and Asunción use their influence for moderation and peace. Please cable any reaction either on part of Government or the press to this move and the move on Monday by the neutrals.

  1. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru.
  2. Statement handed to the Bolivian and Paraguayan delegates on April 11.