793.94/5195: Telegram

The Consul at Tientsin (Atcheson) to the Acting Secretary of State

The following has been sent to the Legation today:

“May 10, noon. Local Japanese officials state that press reports of Japanese military activities at Shanhaikuan are due to minor maneuvers and a request made to the Chinese military that the latter investigate activities of Chinese reported arrival in the vicinity. According to reliable independent source, Japanese garrison of 200 has not been increased and has engaged in demonstrations probably with a view to impressing the Chinese. From this source it is also learned that the Japanese commander on May 4 asked the Chinese commander to sign a statement admitting inability to maintain peace and order and that following his refusal 100 Manchoukuo civil police in uniform under a Japanese officer came inside the Wall and occupied the railway station but withdrew 24 hours later due to the protests of British railway official on duty there.

Repeated to Department and Nanking.”