123 C 353/228: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China (Johnson)

9. Your 47, January 10, noon.

Instruct the Consul General at Mukden that he should at his earliest opportunity call upon the Japanese Acting Consul General and express to the latter the gratification of the American Government at the prompt expressions of regret by the various representatives of the Imperial Japanese Government for the recent attack upon Consul Chamberlain and its satisfaction with the measures already taken or to be taken for the due punishment of the perpetrators of the assault.
Instruct Myers further to state that inasmuch as the object which it is sought to accomplish is to insure the proper protection of the [Page 738] persons and dignity of official representatives and others in such circumstances, the American Government feels that this object will amply be attained in the present instance by the adequate punishment of the persons who actually committed the assault; and that it would therefore be pleased if the disciplinary punishment proposed for Major General Ninomiya and his subordinate officers, who were not directly involved in the incident, should be remitted.
You may inform Chamberlain of the substance of your telegram under reference and of this reply and instruct him that should the Japanese officials call upon him, as intimated in paragraph 4 of Mukden’s telegram of January 9, 7 p.m. to the Legation, he should receive them and, in the interests of justice, voluntarily give them his testimony.
Repeat your telegram under reference and this reply to the Embassy at Tokyo for its information and that of the Japanese Foreign Office.