123 C 353/223

The Department of State to the Japanese Embassy47


The American Government is highly gratified at the prompt expression of regret of the Imperial Japanese Government, communicated [Page 734] through the Japanese Ambassador in Washington, in connection with the physical assault upon an American Consul, Mr. Culver B. Chamberlain, at Mukden, on January 3.

The American Government is, however, of the view, in which it believes that the Japanese Government will readily concur, that, toward ensuring respect for personal and official rights, it is desirable that the perpetrators of such unlawful and unwarranted acts be promptly and adequately punished. The American Government therefore desires to bring to the attention of the Imperial Japanese Government this phase of the matter, with the request that suitable action in these premises be taken.

  1. Handed to the Japanese Ambassador by the Secretary of State on January 6, 1932.