793.94/5215: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cunningham) to the Acting Secretary of State

239. The Japanese Joint Commissioner has advised me of the following which I have transmitted to the Chinese Joint Commissioner:

“The Japanese naval landing party plans to withdraw its defense guards from Chapei, commencing on May 16th, with the area south of the railway. Beginning on May 14th Chinese authorities will be enabled to inspect the latter area.

To that end it is necessary that the Chinese delegates will make concrete arrangements with the Japanese delegates and the headquarters of the Japanese landing party. It is hoped that the former will confer with the latter on the transfer at an early date.”

In transmitting this information to Chinese delegates I have tendered any assistance which seems to be desirable as well as offered each [Page 13] party the use of the committee room for conferences and carrying out the suggested arrangements.

Repeated to the Legation.