825.00 Revolutions/25: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile ( Culbertson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

107. I conferred today with Luis Izquierdo, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Among other things I spoke of the Americans and American interests in Chile and observed that it is an obligation of the Chilean Government to protect them. He accepted this statement with approval. I then referred to current rumors that our Government is about to despatch warships to Chilean waters and added that not even mention had been made of such action in our cables. Thereupon he remarked that perhaps it might be well to consider such action as a possibility and he asked how long it would take a cruiser to come [Page 912] from the Canal to Chile. He said that the rebels in control of the sea and inspired by agitators who advocate an independent communistic republic on the pampas are a menace to the interests in the northern ports. In reply I made it clear that I saw no reason now to suggest to my Government any measure of protection and that, if conditions made outside help necessary in the North some future day, I would expect to base my recommendations on a request signed by the Chilean Government and by the leaders of the principal Chilean parties. The Minister said that if occasion arose we could confer further.

As things are now going no situation exists which makes necessary even first steps toward protection by our ships.