825.00 Revolutions/13: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Culbertson) to the Acting Secretary of State

100. Enlisted men and petty officers of the whole Chilean Navy now at Coquimbo mutinied yesterday morning, locked officers in their rooms, and took command of all ships including the Almirante Latorre. They gave the Government 48 hours to meet demands which include improvement in their conditions and in addition demands of a communistic nature such as special loans to the Government by the rich and the subdivision of large rural properties. The immediate cause of the revolt was the Government program for the reduction of wages in order to meet the budget situation. Apparently movement has no organized political backing, since prominent political leaders of all parties joined with the Cabinet last night in repudiation of movement and in determination to adopt energetic measures to suppress meeting [mutiny?].

This unprecedented revolt in the Navy is serious in itself and may encourage other groups to resort to violence against Government measures. All responsible citizens in Chile are today awake to the threat made upon social stability.