825.00 Revolutions/6: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile ( Culbertson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

78. General Blanche, Frodden, and others of the armed forces oppose the resignation of the President. However opinion is general that he cannot remain. Such is the opinion of the President of the Senate who is a relation of the President’s wife. About 4 o’clock this morning I was told that the President had just informed the director of La Nacion, the Government newspaper, and other friends that he would resign possibly today or tomorrow. He is said to be broken and disillusioned. Upon the receipt of this news the staff of La Nacion abandoned the building with their personal belongings and went into hiding. One requested permission to come to the Embassy and I refused. Bankers are meeting this morning at Central Bank to consider financial situation, especially serious condition of National Savings Bank. President stated this morning to representative of National City Bank that he would close all banks beginning tomorrow to prevent further run on banks.