863.4061 All Quiet/7: Telegram

The Minister in Austria (Stockton) to the Secretary of State


33. Department’s 17, April 4, noon.22 Berlin representative Universal Pictures informed me exhibition film had been permitted in Germany at performances closed to general public, but Schober stated today Austrian Minister in Berlin had advised him this was erroneous, that German situation had not changed and could not before reconvening of Reichstag in October. Schober added confidentially that Austria was following Germany’s lead in this matter and would act in concert with Germany. He restated, and I agree, that Vienna police can control outbreaks whenever exhibition of picture permitted here. I feel that it would be futile and inadvisable to discuss matter formally with Austrian Government until film is released in Germany. Proposed customs union has bound Austria and Germany even more closely together.23 In my opinion Austria will not act independently.

  1. Not printed.
  2. For correspondence concerning the proposed customs union, see pp. 565 ff.