890h.01/15: Telegram

The Chargé in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State


177. The Afghan Minister in Italy yesterday called on me to say that his Government at Kabul had received a report which he believed [Page 826] came originally from Washington to the effect that the American Government might now be inclined to establish official relations with the Afghan Government. Accordingly, the Minister was instructed to state that his Government would be glad to establish relations with the United States Government and was prepared to negotiate a treaty. He added that, in case the American Government regarded the matter favorably, his Government would undoubtedly empower him to undertake preliminary negotiations in Rome, since he had been selected by his Foreign Office to convey the foregoing message.

The Minister went on to say that it had been his hope to discuss the subject with the American Ambassador here, so that the latter might personally present it upon his return to the United States. However, having learned that Mr. Garrett had left Italy and could not be conveniently reached prior to sailing, the matter had been presented instead to the Embassy. Without further discussion, the Minister ended with the statement that he assumed the matter would be treated confidentially.

Referring to the Department’s previous instruction of January 4, 1928 (No. 901),2 I report the above to the Department for such consideration and instructions as may be given.

  1. Not printed.