551.5F1/177: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Clark ) to the Secretary of State


363. In reference to the telephone message of the Under Secretary of State, October 20, and Castle’s personal communication of October 19.

General Calles has just favored me with a preliminary conference.
My instructions, I explained, were to confer with him in his office as President of El Banco de Mexico. If the Mexican Government should be willing to sponsor a conference on silver, the United [Page 630] States would not only accept but also appoint a strong delegation, and, if desirable, encourage the participation of other Governments. If, in his opinion, the proposal had merits, and his Government was amenable to assume the responsibility, I would informally act through the regular diplomatic channels.
Calles’ immediate reaction was favorable. Since technical factors were involved, however, he preferred to discuss the idea with the Finance Minister and President Ortiz Rubio. Unless the Minister has already left for Acapulco, I shall have a decision tomorrow. The objections of that official—and I anticipate some—will probably be technical. I expect Calles to override them, however.
When a reference was made to the possible scope of the conference, I admitted my lack of information in that respect. An agenda prepared jointly by representatives of the Mexican and American Governments was suggested by the General. Such an arrangement, I replied, could probably be made.
Manifesting a concern over the deteriorating state of world affairs, the General stated his preference for an international economic conference. His Government, he added, ought not to take the initiative on such a project.
There was no body of men, I deplored, with the wisdom to cure civilization of its present economic ailment.
You will be advised of future events.