551.5F1/106: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Dawes )


137. Strong opinion in the United States for the convening of a conference on silver further stimulated by International Chamber of Commerce. If the program should relate exclusively to silver prices, the United States will be a participant. There are factors which make it undesirable for us to sponsor such a meeting. Although we would like to see either China or Japan assume the role of host, the latter Government is our preference. Under Japanese auspices, more positive benefits might result. Indications are that China may issue a call. From news sources in Japan as well as informal conversations here, we believe that, contrary to the wishes of Japanese bankers, that Government is giving the matter close attention. Before taking the initiative, the Japanese must have the assurance of attendance by Great Britain. The latter Government is perhaps being approached on the subject.

A call by Japan is the first choice of the President and myself; China, our second. You are urged not to initiate any reference to the subject, but, at the opportune moment, to act upon the proposal thus described. Advise the Department of any change in attitude in Great Britain.