500.A15a4/369: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Wilson)


103. Would you see Grandi and give him an oral message confidentially as follows: Tell him that I was delighted at his preliminary suggestion to the powers meeting in the League Assembly for an armaments truce, that I am fully in sympathy with his purpose, as he will recall, and that I shall be most interested in the details which may be worked out. State also that I have made this point of view known to press representatives here in Washington for use by way of background, but that I have refrained from any public statement out of a desire to cause no embarrassment whatsoever to him or to the others who are deliberating at Geneva. Finally you may inform [Page 443] Signor Grandi of the remark I made today to several diplomatic representatives who called on me. I told them that at the opening of the Disarmament Conference next year the minds of the delegates ought not to be distracted or their ears deafened by the hammering of new armaments construction.

Repeat this to Kirk51 for his information. If Grandi has already left Geneva, Kirk may take the required action.

  1. Alexander Kirk, Chargé d’Affaires in Italy.