462.00R296/4604: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Edge) to the Acting Secretary of State

462. French and German conferees inform me this evening that following an effort to reach a formula of accord at this afternoon’s and evening’s Franco-German conversations it was agreed to adjourn any further discussion to London. After a second brief meeting between the two delegates tonight the following communiqué was issued.

“In a recent message the Chancellor of the German Empire [Reich] expressed the desire for direct contact with the French Government with a view to finding in common the means of improving the relations between the two countries. The chief of the French Government replied spontaneously that he hailed with satisfaction an interview which was made more opportune by events which had influenced the economic and financial situation of Germany and by the repercussion [apparent omission] that of other countries. Consequently the representatives of the two Governments met in Paris on July 18 and 19, 1931. They were in agreement on the importance of the interview and in understanding that it must be the starting point of a mutually confident collaboration. The Chancellor of the Reich brought to light the different aspects of the crisis from which his country is suffering. The French delegates recognizing the gravity of this crisis declared that under the reservation of certain financial guarantees and on condition of political harmony between the two countries they would be ready to discuss later the terms of financial cooperation in the international framework. The representatives of the two Governments mutually emphasized their will to create between them henceforth to the full extent of their power conditions favorable to fruitful cooperation in the political and economic spheres and they were in agreement as to the necessity of uniting their efforts so that the crisis of confidence might be overcome in an atmosphere of calm and security.”

  1. Telegram in two sections.