462.00R296/4206a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Hungary (Roosevelt)

8. Our understanding is that the Government of Greece has received information from Budapest and Prague to the effect that the moratorium [Page 218] proposal does not apply to Hungary and Czechoslovakia. In particular, the French Minister is supposed to have been told by Count Bethlen15 that the American proposal did not apply to Hungary’s reparation obligations and that consequently the Hungarian Government has taken no action.

Obviously these reports are inaccurate. If you find it to be true that the Government of Hungary is under any misapprehension in this matter, you may wish to make informal explanations to the Hungarian Foreign Office that President Hoover’s proposal was intended to apply to all countries including Hungary.

Czechoslovakia has already accepted the President’s proposal, as you are no doubt aware.

  1. President of the Council of Ministers of Hungary.