Memorandum From the Belgian Embassy 68

The American démarche at Berlin regarding negotiations between Belgium and Germany should, by all means, take place at once. We cannot accept the formula of Mr. Castle. As a matter of fact it is not sufficient to say “in the spirit of the Hoover plan”. It is indispensable that the American Government add the words “taking into account the special situation in Belgium”.

The conference convoked at London cannot give a satisfactory solution. It is certain that we would be likely to find ourselves in an unfavorable situation and to meet opposition to our demands. The [Page 183] Belgian Government must be in a position to satisfy public opinion and parliament, the anxiety of which is growing.

Therefore Belgium could not take part in the proposed conference at London if she were not first definitely informed as to the reception by Germany of our demands. Moreover, only the United States has the authority to declare that the Hoover proposal does not apply to the accord in regard to marks in conformity with the first section of the note verbale 69 which accompanied the response under date of June 30 of the Belgian Government.

A declaration to this effect should also be made immediately to Germany.

  1. Handed to Mr. Boal by the Belgian Ambassador on July 8, 1931.
  2. Ante, p. 179.