793.94/16765a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Grew)


451. 1. Late yesterday afternoon the Japanese Ambassador called and said his Government had instructed him to state: (1) That the endangering of the Tutuila and the United States Embassy at Chungking was greatly regretted by the Japanese Government; (2) that the Japanese Government was certain that the bombing was accidental; (3) that the Japanese will discontinue bombing of the city area of Chungking in order to give the United States Government assurance that no such endangering will again occur; (4) that as soon as the facts and amounts thereof have been ascertained, the Japanese Government is prepared to make indemnification for any and all damage done. The Ambassador added that there was one request which his Government had, namely, that the Japanese Government’s promise to discontinue the bombing of Chungking be kept strictly confidential by us.

2. With the express authorization of the President, the press, in light of this approach, has been informed of the above points 1, 2, and 4 and, in lieu of point 3, they have been told that the Japanese Government has informed the United States Government concretely and in detail regarding the measures taken to prevent a recurrence [Page 723]of such an incident; and it has been stated by me that the incident is considered closed by the United States Government.