Memorandum by the Counselor of the American Embassy in Japan (Dooman) of a Conversation With the Director of the American Bureau of the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Yoshizawa)

I called on Mr. Yoshizawa this morning and read to him the Department’s 250 of October 5, 7 p.m. and 251 of October 5, 8 p.m. Mr. Yoshizawa listened attentively and asked me again to read No. 250. He then enumerated the several points brought out in the telegram and asked whether he had correctly outlined the purport of the telegram. I replied that he had. Mr. Yoshizawa then asked whether I could give him in writing the substance of the first and third paragraphs of No. 251. I said that I would do so.

As I was about to leave, Mr. Yoshizawa said that he had just read the State Department’s announcement.15 He said that he would be interested in seeing, now that the American Government has declared that Japan has resorted to war, whether the Neutrality Act15a would be invoked.

E[ugene] H. D[ooman]
  1. See press release issued by the Department of State on October 6, 1937, p. 396.
  2. See act of August 31, 1935, as amended; 49 Stat. 1081, 1152, and 50 Stat. 121.