Press Release Issued by the Department of State on August 2, 1938 83

The Chinese Foreign Office having been removed last week from Hankow to Chungking, Ambassador Nelson T. Johnson and members of the Embassy staff today departed from Hankow for Chungking aboard the Luzon. For some time quarters for the Embassy staff have been engaged at Chungking. The gunboat Tutuila is accompanying the Luzon and will remain at Chungking. The Luzon will return to Hankow. Ambassador Johnson today telegraphed the Department as follows:

“At 8 this morning I departed from Hankow for Chungking accompanied by my staff aboard the Luzon. Tutuila is accompanying Luzon and will remain in Chungking, Luzon returning to Hankow.”

The consul general and his staff are remaining at Hankow.

Ambassador Johnson also telegraphed the Department this morning that the Monocacy had reported that the Japanese consul had contacted Americans at Kiukiang and reported that all Americans [Page 471] were safe at that place. There are reported to be 10 American citizens at Kiukiang.

  1. Reprinted from Department of State, Press Releases, August 6, 1938 (vol. xix, No. 402), p. 88.