Press Release Issued by the Department of State on February 17, 1938 73e

The American consul general at Shanghai, Mr. Clarence E. Gauss, telegraphed the Department of State today as follows:

“The Sixth Marines began embarkation on the Chaumont morning of sixteenth. Embarkation will be completed this afternoon. Chaumont sails tomorrow morning. Brigadier General Beaumont and staff embarked at 10:15 this morning.

“The chairman of the American community has addressed a letter to General Beaumont on behalf of the community expressing appreciation of the splendid services rendered by him and the officers and men of his command. Letter states that the timely arrival of the Marines reenforcements during a period of great strain brought a feeling of immense relief and increased security to all residents of the city. Letter commends the conduct of the Marines in Shanghai, saying that their exemplary behavior and deportment has brought to all Americans here a feeling of great pride in our Navy.”

The Navy Department announced on January 31 that the Brigade Headquarters of the 2d Marine Brigade and the 6th Regiment of Marines, sent from San Diego to Shanghai in August last as a reenforcement during the period of emergency to the 4th Marine Regiment already there, and on temporary duty at Shanghai since September last, are soon to be withdrawn from Shanghai, as they are no longer needed there.

  1. Reprinted from Department of State, Press Releases, February 19, 1938 (vol. xviii, No.438), p. 266.