Statement by the Japanese Government, January 16, 1938

Even after the capture of Nanking, the Japanese Government have till now continued to be patient with a view to affording a final opportunity to the Chinese National Government for a reconsideration of their attitude. However, the Chinese Government, without appreciating the true intentions of Japan, blindly persist in their opposition against Japan, with no consideration either internally for the people in their miserable plight or externally for the peace and tranquility of all East Asia. Accordingly, the Japanese Government will cease from henceforward to deal with that Government, and they look forward to the establishment and growth of a new Chinese regime, harmonious co-ordination with which can really be counted upon. With such a régime they will fully co-operate for the adjustment of Sino-Japanese relations, and for the building up of a rejuvenated China. Needless to state, this involves no change in the policy adopted by the Japanese Government of respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of China as well as the rights and interests of other Powers in China.

Japan’s responsibilities for the peace of East Asia are now even heavier than ever before.

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It is the fervent hope of the Government that the people will put forth still greater efforts toward the accomplishment of this important task incumbent on the nation.