836.48 1930 Hurricane/77

President Hoover to President Trujillo

Excellency: I have received your letter of September 20, in which you express your appreciation, and that of the people of Santo Domingo, for the services rendered by Doctor Lucius M. Johnson of the United States Navy, in the organization and direction of hospitals, the distribution of food, the improvement of sanitary conditions and the performing of other necessary and urgently needed work during the days immediately following the great calamity which recently afflicted your country.

It is a source of gratification to me that the efforts of Doctor Johnson were able to alleviate in some measure the suffering of the inhabitants of Santo Domingo.

I earnestly trust that the more pressing and immediate needs of your stricken people have by now been relieved and that it has been possible to commence the difficult work of reconstruction.

Accept [etc.]

Herbert Hoover