839.51 Wadsworth Mission/2: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Curtis)

59. Department’s 57, September 22, 6 p.m. The following transcript of oral remarks made to the press Tuesday by the President has just become available:

“I have asked Mr. Eliot Wadsworth of Boston to proceed at once to San Domingo on a mission for this Government. Now that the emergency work following the major disaster in San Domingo is fully organized and under way, questions of reconstruction of the city of San Domingo and readjustment of San Domingo finances call for careful planning and first-hand knowledge, and I have asked Mr. Wadsworth, after consultation with the Dominican Government, to advise this Government on these subjects in relation to our existing treaties with San Domingo. His experience fits him for that work. He has long been identified with the Red Cross, overseas during the war, and since as a member of its Central Committee. He has also served this Government as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and in the negotiation of several of our important treaties and conventions.”

You may use the above as a basis for answering questions without of course quoting it verbatim.