836.48 1930 Hurricane/24: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (Grummon) to the Secretary of State

194. Reference Legation’s telegram 192, September 5, 10 a.m., and 193, September 5, noon. The Haitian Government has sent relief supplies to Santo Domingo on steamship Margaret Lykes, services of which were donated by the Lykes Steamship Company. Difficulty has already been experienced by relief ships from Porto Rico in landing supplies at Santo Domingo on account of cliffs and flood in Arrama River. It is hoped, however, to be able to land supplies some time today. The services of two Ford planes were contributed Saturday and have since been transporting medical, surgical and food supplies, water and a field hospital. Marine aviators who have flown over district north of Santo Domingo report destruction area confined to the strip 60 kilometers wide by 80 kilometers long. Santo Domingo [sic] and most of fertile region surrounding it only slightly damaged by hurricane, which was deflected by intervening mountains.

General Trujillo sent personal request to Colonel Cutts yesterday for at least 50 marines and as many more as available, to be temporarily assigned to Santo Domingo on any excuse to assist the Dominican Government in relief work. Trujillo’s request has been transmitted by Cutts to Marine headquarters.

The Haitian Government has sent a commission of engineers to assist in reopening main highway between the Haitian frontier and Santo Domingo City, in order to facilitate the sending of supplies to stricken area.

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Last Saturday General Trujillo requested President Roy to send a detachment of 50 or 100 Haitian guards to Santo Domingo City to assist in rescue work. President Roy, however, agreed that despatch of guards would probably be ineffective and might lead to unfortunate friction. I believe that he has desisted from any intention to send Garde detachment.

Copy of this telegram sent to American Legation at Santo Domingo City.