836.48 1930 Hurricane/13: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Curtis)

42. Red Cross has contributed $25,000 additional for relief for which you may draw separate draft and render special account as in case of previous remittance.

Red Cross suggests that you may wish to form a strong local committee if you have not already done so to assist in relief work and distribution of funds.

The Governor of Porto Rico and the Porto Rican chapter of the Red Cross have formed a purchasing and shipping committee at San Juan and the Red Cross suggests that the services of this committee will be available to you if you wish to use them for purchases in Porto Rico.

The Red Cross has opened relief funds in all of the principal eastern seaboard cities and is receiving contributions.

The Red Cross asks to be informed regarding the personnel of any committee which you may appoint, and also regarding the progress of the relief work and your expenditures from the funds furnished you.