893.74/904: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China (Johnson)

355. Department’s instruction September 25, 1929.94

The Department apparently has not been informed of any reply given by the Chinese Government to the note, draft of which was attached to the instruction in reference. Manton Davis of the Radio Corporation of America, acting for the Federal Telegraph Company of Delaware, has now orally requested that the American Minister again bring to the attention of the Chinese Government the substance of the draft note.
Referring to your memorandum of March 8 last,95 reporting conversation with Barnes Moss, it would appear that the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs has been in consultation and correspondence with Moss as though he were the qualified representative of the Federal Telegraph Company of Delaware. Moss appears to have reported to Schwerin. Manton Davis has evidenced no knowledge of activities of Moss. Department has not informed Davis of your conversation with Moss. In your opinion, would there be any impropriety in now telling Davis of statements made to you by Moss? It seems possible that alleged offers received by Moss from the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs may have been prompted by the note from the Legation sent last autumn.96
Unless you see objections, please press the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs for reply to the Legation’s representations.
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